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David, Paul and Bunn, Julie Ann, (1988), 'The Economics of Gateway Technologies and Network Evolution: Lessons from Electricity Supply History', Information Economics and Policy, 3: 165-202. Delamont, Sara, (1987), 'Three Blind Spots? A Comment on the Sociology of Science by a Puuled Outsider', Social Studies of Science, 17: 163-70. ), (1991), Life and Work History Analyses: Qualitative and Quantitative Developments, SociologicalReview Monograph 37, London: Routledge. Douglas, Mary and Baron Isherwood, (1978), The WorLdof Goods: Towarh an Anthropology of Consumption, London: Allen Lane.

And part of the public stability of a standardized network often involves the private suffering of those who are not standard - who must use the standard network, but who are also non-members of the community of practice. One example of this is the standardized use of the pseudogeneric 'he' and 'him' in English to refer to all human beings, a practice now changing in many places due to feminist influence. Social psychologists found that women who heard this language form understood its meaning, but were unable to project a concrete example, and unable to place themselves within the example, whereas men could hear themselves in the example (Martyna 1978).

It does this, group by group and interest by interest, in very particular ways . . Action is accordingly induced not by the abstract power of words and images in advertising, but rather in the way that these words and images are put into practice by the corporation, and then interpreted in the light of the (presumed) interests of the hearer. Advertising and enrolment work if the advertiser's theory of (practical) interests is workable. (1984: 189) He goes on to discuss the ways in which McDonald's shares sovereignty with other enterprises which seek to order lives, and of coexisting principles of order which in fact stratify human life.

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