Martin S. Greenberg's After the Crime: Victim Decision Making PDF

By Martin S. Greenberg

ISBN-10: 1461364698

ISBN-13: 9781461364696

ISBN-10: 1461533341

ISBN-13: 9781461533344

Analyzing the findings of 20 reports, concerning greater than 5,000 humans, this publication explores the choice making technique of the crime sufferer within the speedy aftermath of victimization. utilizing a vast variety of leading edge examine suggestions, the authors verify the consequences of rape, theft, housebreaking, and robbery on contributors from varied nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. This paintings might be of price to those that paintings without delay with crime sufferers, and to researchers who're attracted to the method of choice making below tense circumstances.

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Clerical task of copying and adding up numbers. AN EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH 25 Figure 2-4. Participant's cubicle and outbox. participant from the confederate. This was accomplished by cutting away a portion of the glass partition. The opening in the glass gave the confederate access to the participant's outbox, which contained the completed worksheets. Participants were then informed that, in order to simulate real-life work conditions, the supervisor would give them an opportunity to earn additional money.

31 AN EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH $20 theft were equally likely to report the theft. As predicted, when the theft was only $3 participants were more likely to report when the thief was still present than when he was absent, although the difference was not statistically significant. Reporting as a Function of Victim's Sex and Race We performed additional analyses in order to examine the effect that the victim's sex and race had on reporting. Since there were only 26 male participants in the study, inclusion of sex as a fourth variable in a four-way ANOVA would have yielded too few subjects per cell.

We cannot assume, of course, that the reasons offered to the secretary for not wishing to call the police reflect the "true" motives for participants' actions. These data are described simply to provide an understanding of the kinds of explanations offered by participants in this situation. These explanations might reflect participants' true motives for not wanting to notify the police, but they probably tell us more about the kind of arguments participants believed would be most convincing to the secretary.

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