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As a Jesuit, Alberto helped spoil church buildings and ministries. yet as he learn the Scriptures, he observed that Catholicism could not retailer. this is often the emotional tale of a Jesuit priest who left the Catholic Church and located salvation via religion in Jesus Christ on my own. He grew to become a hunted guy, simply because he knew the rigorously guarded secrets and techniques of the Vatican.

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In several carved stone inscriptions, each new line begins under the last letter of the line above and runs in the opposite direction. Occasionally, the letters even face the other way. Since this method recalled the way ln which a field was plowed, with the ox-drawn plow turning at the end of each furrow, it was called "ox-turning" (Jboustrophedori). entually, the Greeks came to write uniformly in the fashion we n W use> ° from left to right only. Writing from left to right made it 13 t h e g r e e k cla β a l a η easier for a right-handed person to avoid smudging and to see the most recently formed characters.

After him another does the same. A policeman stands by each one and holds his hand, not letting him read what the letter is which he has drawn. When all now have their own, the chief police officer, I think it is, or one of the National Judges themselves (I don't remember now) goes round the competitors, who are standing in a circle, and inspects their lots. In this way he matches one who has alpha to the other one who has drawn the other alpha for the wrestling or the pancratium. 6 The use of the Greek alphabetic system of numerals endowed every word written in the ancient alphabets, such as Greek, Arabic and Hebrew, with a numerical significance, since each of the letters could be added up to form a single number.

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