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This lens is called the objective lens. 2 Tape the other lens to the outside of the inner tube. This is the eyepiece lens. Tape this lens with the convex side to the inside, and the concave to the outside. 3 56 Telescope If you want to decorate your telescope you can cover the larger tube with construction paper, and paint both tubes. 4 5 Warning: Do not look directly at the sun with (or without) your telescope. Look through the smaller end of the telescope, and aim your telescope at a faraway object, such as the moon.

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All of the other moons of Uranus follow this tradition and are named after characters from the works of Shakespeare or Alexander Pope, another British writer. By 1846, astronomers had noticed irregularities in the orbit of Uranus. This suggested that another planet existed beyond Uranus whose gravitational pull was slowing it down. Astronomers searched for this mystery planet, which was found on September 23, 1846. Both John Couch Adams of England and Urbain Le Verrier of France were given credit for the discovery of Neptune, though there is still historical debate about this.

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