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Visnu holds a divinity of maximum rank one of the Hindus. within the current paintings, the writer has made an try and comic strip the most positive aspects within the personality of Visnu as they seemed in numerous a long time. The ebook is split into 3 chapters. bankruptcy one sketches the beginning of Visnu: his personality, trademarks, attributes, incarnations, comparative prestige, and so on. bankruptcy offers with Sri, Visnus woman associate. bankruptcy three describes a number of the salient positive factors of Visnus cul

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Xl) F o r variants of the dragon ( o r: snake, for V rtra w as a snake) combat see also Ruben, L it. vorar. Stäm m e Indiens, p. 40; 42. the serpent w ith darkness. See also B. Renz, D er orientalische Schlangendrache, A ugsburg 1930. u ) I re fe r to G eldner’s note, Rigveda übersetzt, I I I , p. 286 Con 8, 3, 8). VISNU. 31 ations being ten in number, C harpentier1S) too rashly connected the greater part of them with the avatäras of Visnu. In a more cautious way B enveniste14) drew attention to V rtJragna’s, V rtra’s (RV .

AV. 7, 17,4 4) in which Visnu and Tvastar are invoked to give wealth (dravinam) to the sacrificer forms part of the satrie set 4y) I refer to E. Thurston, Castes and tribes of S. India, Madras 1909, 5, p. 76. , p. 17 ff. 51) For the sun etc. see also H . Frankfort, Kingship and the gods, Chicago 1948, p. 148 ff. and passim. — Some particulars: J. G. Frazer, Golden Bough, 10, p. 74 ff. , p. 399. 2) See Keith, Veda of the Bl. Yajus School, p. 32. 3) Cf. W . Kirfel, Der Asvamedha und der Purusamedha, in Festschrift — W .

25 V IS N U A N D T H E SU N . So far we have mainly, and intentionally, emphasized the fertility aspect of Visnuism and some phenomena relating to it. Evidence other than that already mentioned, is not wanting. The author of the ‘Gentilite du Bengala’ ') was apparently so much impressed by this side of the god’s character that he formulated his view on Visnuism in the following w ay: “L’ordre de Visnou fut de faire prosperer toutes choses dans le monde et de conserver tout, soit par fertilite ou autrement”.

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