Awakening to the Dream: The gift of lucid living by Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons PDF

By Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons

ISBN-10: 141200425X

ISBN-13: 9781412004251

Awakening to the Dream talks concerning the present of lucid residing, shock of re-cognising the secret of our collective and precise id, and approximately re-membering the treasure trove inside.

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It has as much substance as your shadow. No amount of effort will allow you to take hold of it, catch it under a blanket, or leave it behind. We could compare this struggle with the ego to someone who tries to determine his weight by grabbing himself around the ankles and attempting to lift his body off the floor. The harder he pulls, the heavier he seems. This straining will create a feedback loop, confirming that there really is a weight too big for his strength. Apparent solutions are to start weight training to get stronger or to diet to become lighter.

Pick whatever label you feel comfortable with. They all point to the same truth of what you really are. pmd 30 15-5-2003, 20:05 Although I do not promote a specific religious, scientific, or philosophical system, I will freely quote from various sources. These quotes may be colored by the cultural or social context from which they come, but I find it utterly fascinating that voices from such different backgrounds as western and oriental philosophy, religion, and science – often centuries apart – speak of the same intimate essence.

To the exhausted seeker I would like to say, ‘Drop the search and drop your concepts. Stop looking for your ass. ’ Letting go of your preconceived notions could suddenly shift your attention from the faroff horizon at which you gaze in anticipation of a grand and extraordinary event and reveal the wonder that exists right in front of, behind, and in your own eyes. Through this letting go, you may find yourself open to – and possibly even in the presence of – the most unlikely of masters. Let it be clear, however, that Pure Awareness is all there is, and any concept of a master ‘out there’ only exists from the perspective of an imaginary seeker.

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