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Prepare for a compelling trip into humanity’s destiny on planet, the place existence is tough and loss of life is straightforward. a global the place GEO Marshals implement the peace and stressed out mercs patrol deep waters in lethal fighter subs. a spot the place company greed and human desperation ravage an alien ecology, threatening to plunge humanity right into a struggle of survival with an historic legacy.

Welcome to the area of Blue Planet.

Whether you're new to the Blue Planet universe or a veteran video game grasp, this e-book includes details very important to operating intriguing and potent adventures at the new frontier.

• nearby maps and outlines detailing the topography and background of the main heavily-colonized zone on Poseidon—the Pacifica Archipelago
• Key maps and special descriptions of greater than twenty Colonial, comprise, and local settlements
• info on the right way to speedy create GM Characters to problem players
• Dossiers on greater than a dozen of the planet’s most renowned and notorious personalities
• organic survey info at the planet’s wondrous, yet often-deadly, indigenous lifeforms
• Revealing organic and cultural details on Poseidon’s aborigines

The Revised variation of Blue Planet™ was once released by way of FASA video games, according to the second one version (BPv2) formerly released by way of Biohazard video games and myth Flight video games. Blue Planet™ Revised variation isn't any longer supported, and no extra items or updates may be produced for this version.

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Hiram Barker, 2092 CHAPTER 2: NEW FRONTIER Location and Local Terrain Second Try is located in the Pacifica Archipelago, at 14°16’31” south latitude, 5°14’22” west longitude. The colony started on the eastern coast of Westward Island, a large landmass in the Haven Cluster. Most of Second Try lies nestled in Barker’s Gorge, a small canyon that runs northwest to southeast, reaching an almost two-kilometer width at its terminus near the shore. History Prior to Planetfall, an extensive survey conducted from the UNSS Cousteau recommended several locations for colonization after the original Haven colony was safely established.

The zoo frequently contracts with freelancers to acquire new specimens, though all such freelancers are expected to follow GEO statutes protecting Poseidon’s indigenous flora and fauna. 9. The Haven Museum of Colonial History The Haven Museum is one of the major attractions of Colonial Park. The museum’s exhibits cover all aspects of Poseidon’s colonial past, including virtual tours of the Cousteau and Old Town, circa 2090, the personal journals of several original colonists, various native artifacts, and educational exhibits on the aborigines, complete with life-size animatrons.

Nathaniel Lesear Memorial Spaceport 8. Haven Zoological Garden Named for the famous Argos 12 astronaut, Haven’s Nathaniel Lesear Memorial spaceport includes extensive facilities for the repair and maintenance of orbital shuttles and the receiving and processing of passengers, baggage, and cargo. The shuttles themselves take off and land on the ocean surface, at a designated area about 10 kilometers from shore known locally as the Dropzone. They are then towed by huge tugboats to docks and receiving terminals at the spaceport.

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