Boethius on Mind, Grammar and Logic: A Study of Boethius’ by Taki Suto PDF

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Boethius (c.480-c.525/6), who's most sensible recognized for his comfort of Philosophy, has been accused of misinterpreting Aristotles logical works in his translations and commentaries thereof. development on contemporary scholarship within the philosophy of overdue antiquity, this ebook demanding situations a number of the earlier interpretations of Boethius and divulges major positive factors of his semantics and good judgment. With comparisons among his and modern arguments and a focus to the terminology of overdue antiquity, this paintings is of use to these attracted to semantics, good judgment and grammar from antiquity to the fashionable day. additionally, this books new conclusions objective to reinvigorate curiosity during this much-maligned and poorly understood thinker.

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He appears to suggest that not only the meaning of words but also the syntax of a language is ultimately based upon psychological phenomena. Boethius’ explanations of language may face modern challenges for the very reason that they are psychological and grammatical. 46 In this statement, Frege expresses the view that psychology and the grammar of a natural language bring difficulties into the study of logic. 47 Psychological phenomena such as mental acts and ideas, on the other hand, are subject to fallacy and are subjective.

Concerning mental speech, I disagree with Magee’s interpretation. ’ The chapter also links between the first part and the second part of this book. As I have already mentioned, Boethius claims not only that there is mental speech but also that there is a noun and a verb in mental speech. To understand what he means by ‘a noun and a verb in mental speech,’ we will have to go into his definitions of noun and verb. Then, we face a question concerning the relationship between logic and grammar. Does he make a clear distinction between logic and grammar in using ‘noun,’ ‘verb,’ ‘conjunction’ and ‘speech’?

Often he is not clear about whether ‘σημαιν μενον’ is distinct from an extramental thing or not. 23 For Kretzmann’s claim, the ontological status of the significatum does not matter. 25 Frege’s ‘sense,’ on the other hand, has been 18 See note  of this chapter. Kretzmann : , n. . ” He says ‘modified’ because the Stoic ‘axiom/proposition’ is different from Boethius’ proposition. ’ 20 For the Stoics’ definition of an ‘axiom/proposition,’ see Gourinat . 21 Kretzmann (: , n. ) refers to Mates .

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