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This publication is an account of the speculation of Hardy areas in a single size, with emphasis on a few of the intriguing advancements of the earlier twenty years or so. The final seven of the 10 chapters are committed mostly to those contemporary advancements. The motif of the speculation of Hardy areas is the interaction among genuine, complicated, and summary research. whereas paying right realization to every of the 3 points, the writer has underscored the effectiveness of the tools coming from actual research, a lot of them constructed as a part of a application to increase the speculation to Euclidean areas, the place the complicated equipment are usually not on hand

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This publication is an account of the speculation of Hardy areas in a single measurement, with emphasis on many of the interesting advancements of the earlier twenty years or so. The final seven of the 10 chapters are committed in most cases to those fresh advancements. The motif of the idea of Hardy areas is the interaction among actual, advanced, and summary research.

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9(X), then (c) a vector space (resp. 2(h), is a vector space (resp. an algebra). In particular, is ax-stable if is ay -stable. (e)d(Taf) = d(Ta(a)fU) dy(a(a)) for any a E X and f E (f) a: (X, p) —* (Y,q) is an [81-extension (cf. 4). e. is a . If = 0(X), then g(Y) = g(a(X)) for any g E 0(Y). Indeed, suppose that a E g(Y) \ g(a(X)). 1 on 1 on X, and therefore, by the identity principle, (g —a). f(Y contradiction. = Jgoallx,g E (h)1f Consequently, "= 3t'°°(Y) and a*: —k ,Y°°(X) is an isometry of Banach algebras.

P(x), r) with r min{r(x), r(x')}. This shows that U(x, r) fl U(x', r) = 0. r is a homeomorphism onto P(p(x). r). Thus (X, p) is a Riemann region over C". 44 Riemann domains r) = U(x, r), x E X, 0 < r

4). (X, p) is an F-domain of existence; (i) dense subset of 8G. It is clear that the answer is positive as long as A fl G fl aGo 0 for any G and G0 as above. This holds if, for mstance. 8G is of class Ct. To see that in the general case the situation is much more complicated, consider the following example (due to W. Jarnicki): • := (rk(1) —ra,rk(I) • k(i) is the lowest index such that rk(j) •e> 0,e, Q, is so small that c (0, 1), = 0, and < 1/4. Observe that a = to, 1j x [0,4). Take G := x (2. 3).

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