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By C. Toy ; Rahul Jandial ; Evan Y. Snyder

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After rather extensive workup, you are unable to discover the source of her problem and you decide to check the resting membrane potential of her sensory nerves. The microelectrode is inserted, and the intracellular potential is measured as −65 mV (which is normal). What relative ionic concentrations are responsible for maintaining this membrane potential? A. B. C. D. 3] 29 [Na+]out > [Na+]in, [K+]out > [K+]in [Na+]out > [Na+]in, [K+]out < [K+]in [Na+]out < [Na+]in, [K+]out > [K+]in [Na+]out < [Na+]in, [K+]out < [K+]in A researcher in a neuroscience laboratory is investigating the behavior of neuronal membrane potentials in the immediate postmortem period in rats.

From one node of Ranvier to another while skipping the internodal segments, a process termed saltatory conduction (Figure 4-2). In unmyelinated axons, the current spreads more slowly because of the decreased membrane resistance and lack of saltatory conduction. Although the two channel system examined in the Nobel Prize winning work by Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley in the squid giant axon is found in almost every type of neuron, there are several other types of voltage-gated ion channels. This diversity allows for a much more complex information processing system.

Initially, the individual exhibits forgetfulness with day to day occurrences. Items may be frequently misplaced and appointments may go unattended. Following the establishment of memory loss, further cognitive decline becomes more evident. The patient may develop a halting manner to his or her speech because of the failure of recall of certain words. As the speech deficits increase, characteristics of expressive and/or receptive aphasias become more pronounced. Other cognitive difficulties include dyscalculia, disruption of visuospatial orientation, and ideational and ideomotor apraxias.

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