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By Erik Hanson

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An creation to the world's such a lot attention-grabbing caves. This paintings explores each corner and cranny of those nature-made creations, together with lava caves, sea caves, and glacial caves, from Kentucky's great Cave, to the fantastic Paleolithic work of Lascaux, to Fingal's Cave of Scotland, which galvanized Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture.

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This most prolific era, their renaissance, is called the Magdalenian period. Limestone caves were their galleries. And, like us today, some of them were better artists than others. Differences in artistry can be seen even within Lascaux. These Ice Age people did not live deep in the caves and did not always inhabit the caves at all. When they did use them for shelter, they lived in the front sections in view of the sunlight. It was convenient: Here in the Dordogne River valley alone, dozens of caves bite into the limestone.

The Yucatán—a Mexican province of approximately 135,135 square miles (350,000 km2)—has no rivers running on its surface. Only the cenotes hold the water and feed some of it into the Gulf of Mexico through connections among them. The Yucatán Peninsula from the air and a view of a cenote in the jungle can be seen in the color inserts on page C-2. The cenotes form a vast system in the Yucatán. 4-square-mile (1-km2) area, sometimes just one lies within an area of several square miles of jungle. Many of them are known to be linked by natural underground tunnels, and miles and miles of passages are still unexplored, making even more linkages possible.

E. Their achievements in pyramid-building rivaled those of ancient Egypt. 5 million Maya live here and in other areas of Mexico. Important to Mayan Culture The Maya keep many of their cenotes secret today since these sites are still very important to their culture. As mentioned, the caves have both a religious and a domestic use. Cenotes are considered the sacred opening to the underworld Xibalba in the Mayan religion and home to the ruler of that heaven, the god Chac. Sacrifices made to him were done for several reasons, including to end long dry seasons that threatened—and may well have once destroyed—the classic phase of their civilization.

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