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Outer-Frame Step 0 Insert the #4 axles into lx2 bricks with axle holes. Outer-Frame Step 1 Attach an angled liftarm to combine the front and rear portions of the -frame section. Insert the full-length pins with stop bushings as shown. Stair-Climber 9 M a s t e r p e i c e 1 19 20 Masterpiece 1 9 Stair-Climber Putting It All Together Here is where we will complete the Stair-Climber. We will first build the central part of the model, and then attach the previous sub-assemblies in order. The directions show the original style tri-star wheel, but the assembly process is identical regardless of whether you opted to build the Wheel Set sub-assembly or the Alternate Wheel Set sub-assembly.

Its ability is limited to detecting light and measuring its intensity. Thus, we are going to distinguish the color of the bricks through the amount of light that they reflect back into the sensor. For this reason some colors, which reflect a similar amount of light, are nearly indistinguishable. For example, it's very hard to tell a black brick from a blue one, or a gray brick from a green one.

Unfortunately, examples are by themselves not sufficient. If this were the case, we could learn how to ski by simply watching other skiers, Which, as anyone who has skied is aware, is a sport not as easy at it looks. We need a way to understand how close we are to the behavior we want to mimic to distinguish what's right and what's wrong in our actions. In other words, we need feedback. Sometimes the feedback comes from a person who helps us to learn a new skill, other times the feedback is the environment, as a skier discovers by falling a few times.

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