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The isomorphism challenge of ergodic conception has been largely studied considering Kolmogorov's creation of entropy into the topic and particularly when you consider that Ornstein's answer for Bernoulli methods. a lot of this examine has been within the summary measure-theoretic environment of natural ergodic thought. even if, there was turning out to be curiosity in isomorphisms of a extra restrictive and maybe extra sensible nature which realize and appreciate the nation constitution of techniques in a variety of methods. those notes supply an account of a few contemporary advancements during this course. a distinct characteristic is the widespread use of the data functionality as an invariant in a number of unique isomorphism difficulties. academics and postgraduates in arithmetic and study employees in conversation engineering will locate this booklet of use and curiosity.

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QUASI-REGULAR ISOMORPHISMS AND BOUNDED CODES In this section we relax the rather stringent requirement of regularity but insist that isomorphisms be sufficiently well-behaved (quasi-regular) to ensure that the cocycle-coboundary equation is retained at least in a weak form. Quasiregularity is defined in terms of a metric on sub-U-algebras, which we now des- cribe. We fix for this section a Lebesgue space (X, a, m). 45. Definition. ) be a (finite or) countable ordered partition of (X, B, m). ) is an ordered partition of CG the same cardinality, d( a, (3) n= 2, m(A AnB) = 2 - 21 m(An n B) .

This hole will be referred to as the zero coordinate place (of x in s (x)). r 46 Put X1 (r) = { x EXi(`°) : Z r, (x) ? Lr, for all r' ? r }. The sets X, (r) are increasing and, by 9(ii) , ml (X1(r)) -' ml (X1(°)) as r For a skeleton s of rank r>1 and length 1, a hole k E 3 1, ... , 1 } and 2 (s) , we shall say that G fixes k (at the symbol gk) if G = ( g 1 , ... , gi) E G. It is easy to see from the definition of the equivalence class G that G fixes k iff k E J( G) . Let r be even. Let sr-1 and sr be skeletons of ranks r - 1 and r such that sr-1 is a subskeleton of Sr and such that they have lengths 1 r-1 > Lr-1 and lr ?

Processes defined by p and q with h(p) = h(q) and In [K. S. 2] Keane and Smorodinsky remark that this can be done by adapting the marker method to use the word 0... 01 of length k as a 'marker'. 2. FINITE EXPECTED CODE-LENGTHS [ P. 7] Let $ be a finitary homomorphism from a countable state 17. Definition. process (X1 , (R 1, m1 , T1) to another, (X2 , (132 , M2, T2). Let a and A denote the state partitions of the processes. By definition, each 1 B, B E 1, may be written as a countable union of a-cylinders.

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