Color Atlas of Pathophysiology by Stefan Silbernagl, Florian Lang PDF

By Stefan Silbernagl, Florian Lang

ISBN-10: 3131165537

ISBN-13: 9783131165534

pathophysiology is step one towards  medical drugs. This
book offers crucial mechanisms of ways  disease
develops in approximately two hundred bright colour plates followed through transparent text.
Every double web page, with textual content at the left and photographs at the right,
gives a speedy and entire review of its topic.

The contents
are equipped systematically and a color-coded thumb index makes it
easy to navigate in the course of the booklet. the place important for readability, the
basics of body structure are defined again.

Numerous clinical
references illustrate the hyperlinks among idea and perform. The pocket
atlas has been totally revised and up to date for the 3rd version. It now
includes precise information regarding malaria, strength metabolism, eating
disorders, and weight problems. Color Atlas of Pathophysiology is definitely the right complement to Color Atlas of Physiology!

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This results not only in hemoglobinuria ( dark urine ), but can also lead to acute renal failure through tubular occlusion (-» p. 118 ). Chronic hemoglo binuria additionally causes Fe deficiency anemia , cardiac output rises and the resulting mechanical hemolysis creates a vicious circle ( -» B ). Finally, the erythrocyte fragments produced in intravascular hemolysis may cause thrombi and emboli , which can result in ischemia in the brain, cardiac muscle, kidneys, and other organs. - A. Causes of Corpuscular Hemolytic Anemia defects *** K-rCarner^***** / vV 4 Sickle-cell anemia j Enzyme / 2 ATf 't ATP Glucose Gene defects 4 \% \/ Hexokinase Erythrocyte Thalassemia 4 Glucose - 6 -P Deficiency or functional disorder .

5 L in men. ), the transport of heat (heating, cooling), signal transmission (hor mones ), and buffering as well as defense against foreign materials and microorganisms. The blood cells (-» A and Table below ) are involved in this, the erythrocytes being responsible for 02 and a part of C02 transport and pH buffering. Among the leukocytes, the neutrophil granulocytes ( neutrophils ) are responsible for nonspecific immune defenses, and the monocytes and lymphocytes for specific immune reactions.

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