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Computeractive is the UK’s best-selling laptop journal and your pleasant consultant to computers, devices and the internet! It contains standard information updates, undertaking rules, support and suggestion on well known reader queries, articles on anti-virus software program, positive factors on buyer rights, and an entire lot extra that can assist you get the superior from your computing device. Get notebook suggestion in simple English at the present time – get Computeractive!

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Next, enter your personal details 2 , select ‘At home’ from the dropdown menu 3 , tick the T&C box 4 , then click Register. 1 2 STEP Click I’m Ready on the following screen. 2 This directs you to the Open365 web login page (which we’ll return to in Step 5). You’ll notice the Open365 program downloading to your PC. Run the downloaded setup file and respond to any prompts. The program won’t add a desktop icon, but it will appear in your Start menu, so drag the icon to your desktop to create a shortcut 1 , then open it.

Snipca. com/20429 – download begins automatically). Right-click the Recycle Bin, click Eraser, then Erase to shred everything in it. You can also right- click files to access the same Eraser option. Next issue Secret Tips For… Windows fonts What’s All the Fuss About... DNA storage Microsoft’s ambitious plan to save data for thousands of years What is it? A groundbreaking method of storing computing data on synthetic strands of DNA. Data that is normally stored as zeroes and ones on a hard drive is converted into genetic material – the G, A, T and C of DNA.

It’s the second largest single measurement of data – only a yottabyte is bigger (24 zeroes, and equal to 1,000 zettabytes). And besides providing the necessary capacity, DNA may also solve another problem with saving data: it can last for much longer than servers, discs and hard drives. Thousands of years, under the right conditions (cold, dry and dark). DNA can’t be scratched, nor damaged through wear and tear. What’s more, once the data is on the DNA, it doesn’t need to be transferred to another storage device, thereby avoiding any corruption of files.

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