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By Jason Cockcroft

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ISBN-13: 9780061255557

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What in case your mom have been hit via a bus? And what in the event that your father disappeared at some point via a gap within the toilet wall? Is there how to switch the process your life's background? What if time moved during this fabulous debut novel, Jason Cockcroft has crafted a mind-bending experience with a startlingly unique narrative constitution.

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Asked the round, unaccountably cheerful bus conductor; he waited as Nathan pulled off his shoe and sock and counted out his change. “Thanks,” Nathan said, when he was handed his ticket. 43 counter clockwise Then he ran up the stairs. There, in the trash in the aisle of the top deck, he could see the enormous heels of a pair of black, shining boots peeking out from under the seats. And an enormous rear end. ” came a voice. ” Nathan said, creeping forward. ” Nathan saw the hands of the Beefeater flash in the shadows, snatching up the used tickets that had been thrown to the floor.

No, you’re better off where you are,” he added, shaking his head. ” There was a dry lump in his throat as he took another sip of his tea. Then, making sure Nathan was still asleep, he kissed the corner of the frame and went to take a shower. Nathan blinked his eyes open. He didn’t know how long he’d been asleep, but on the TV some pink-haired woman in Chipping Sodbury was saying that her beloved Chihuahua had driven off in the car and performed a perfect U-turn in the road. She was very proud, yes, she said.

Oh, but that’s what I wanted to tell you,” Nathan said, starting to feel a little giddy. “This boy, you see,” he said. “It’s me. My dad, he’s disappeared. Gone. ” The giant Beefeater grinned. “Fascinating. ” “Don’t you see? I’m an orphan now,” Nathan explained. The word orphan seemed bitter on his lips, and he felt his eyes begin to sting. ” he said. Bartleby had stopped bouncing now. He was listening to Nathan in rapt silence. “Mmm,” he said when Nathan was done. He stood up. “This is my stop,” he said.

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