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By Wolfram Boucsein

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Electrodermal job is without doubt one of the most often used psychophysiological reviews in psychology examine. according to the 1992 variation of this paintings Electrodermal Activity covers advances within the box because the first ebook in 1992. the present quantity comprises up-to-date details on mind imaging ideas reminiscent of puppy and fMRI, which offer additional perception into the mind mechanisms underlying EDA. furthermore, this quantity is ready to describe extra reliably hypotheses which have been effectively proven because the first e-book.

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1). 26 Physiology palmar and plantar sites, together with the possibility of unigue innervation, has given rise to speculations conceming the biological significance of palmar and plantar sweat glands (Sect. 5) and stimulated psychophysiological investigations of the so-called palmar/dorsal effect (Sect. 1). Some authors discuss an intermediate position of palmar and plantar sweat glands between apocrine glands and the phylogenetically younger eccrine glands. The apocrine sweat glands (Sect. 3) play no role in EDA measurement, so idiosyncrasies in their innervation can be disregarded at this point.

There is also an indication of an efferent system which sensitizes such peripheral receptors (Edelberg, 1971). 3 Physiology As in the preceding chapter concerning the anatomical aspects, this chapter will outline only those physiological mechanisms required for understanding electrodermal mechanisms. However, the appropriate restrictions cannot be made as easily as in anatomy, because the innervations of skin and sweat glands are placed in the context of Efferent 1nnervation of the Skin 17 the autonomie nervous system (ANS), which is highly complex.

However, as Bard (1960) pointed out, no mechanism related to the parasympathetic system exists in the hypothalamus or in any other part of the CNS that parallels the representation of the sympathetic system. Furthermore, evidence for influences of anterior hypothalamic regions on sweat gland activity in humans is lacking (Sect. 2). Much of what is known about the central origins of electrodermal phenomena stems from studying the effects of lesions and stimulations in the cat's brain, while evidence from humans and from nonhuman primates is sparse.

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