Mohammadreza Hojat's Empathy in Patient Care: Antecedents, Development, PDF

By Mohammadreza Hojat

ISBN-10: 0387336079

ISBN-13: 9780387336077

Human beings, despite age, intercourse, or nation of health and wellbeing, are designed by way of evolution to shape significant interpersonal relationships via verbal and nonverbal communique. The subject matter that empathic human connections are priceless to the physique and brain underlies all 12 chapters of this publication, within which empathy is considered from a multidisciplinary standpoint that incorporates evolutionary biology; neuropsychology; medical, social, developmental, and academic psychology; and health and wellbeing care supply and schooling.

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Empathy also has been discussed frequently in the psychoanalytic literature (Jackson, 1992) and in social psychology, counseling, and clinical psychiatry and psychology (Berger, 1987; Davis, 1994; Eisenberg & Strayer, 1987c; Ickes, 1997). Definitions, Descriptions, and Features A review of the literature indicates that there is more disagreement than agreement among researchers about the definition of empathy. Presenting a long list of definitions and descriptions of empathy would take us far beyond the intended scope and space constraints of this book.

However, Underwood and Moore (1982) suggested that an emotional perspective is not a sufficient condition to define empathy. I will describe later that emotional empathy is analogous to sympathy. A number of researchers, however, believe that empathy involves both cognition and emotion (Baron-Cohen & Wheelwright, 2004; Davis, 1994). For example, Bennett (2001, p. ” Mark Davis (1994) believes that cognitive and affective facets of empathy interact in his organizational model of empathy. He defined empathy as “a set of constructs having to do with the responses of one individual to the experiences of another.

However, the German term was originally used not to describe an interpersonal attribute but to portray the individual’s feelings when appreciating a work of art, specifically when those feelings blurred the distinction between the observer’s self and the art object (Wispe, 1986). In 1897, the German psychologist-philosopher Theodore Lipps brought the word Einf¨uhlung from aesthetics to psychology. In describing personal experiences associated with the concept of Einf¨uhlung, Lipps indicated that “when I observe a circus performer on a hanging wire, I feel I am inside him” (cited in Carr, Iacoboni, Dubeau, Mazziotta, & Lenzi, 2003, p.

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