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By Jan Langman M.D., Ph.D., Doris Burda Wilson Ph.D. (auth.), Ancel Blaustein M.D. (eds.)

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22. Mucous cyst of the vestibule. Simple columnar mucussecreting cells rest on the basement membrane. Note absence of underlying smooth muscle layer. 28 Eduard G. Friedrich, Jr. and Edward J. Wilkinson Cysts of the Canal of N uck (Peritoneal Lined Cysts) Cysts of the canal of Nuck are generally found in the superior aspect of the labia majora or inguinal canal and are believed to arise from inclusions of the peritoneum at the inferior insertion of the round ligament into the labia majora. As such, they are analogous to the hydrocele of the spermatic cord.

36 Granuloma inguinale extends primarily by local infiltration, although lymphatic permeation may occur during later stages of the disease; chronic lymphatic infiltration and fibrosis frequently result in a massive brawny edema of the external genitalia. There is some controyersy as to the true origin of the edema, as dye tests suggest that the lymphatic drainage is intact. With involvement of the cervix, the disease may advance via the cervical lymphatics to involve parametrial tissues. 114 The clinical diagnosis of GI is dependent on the identification of the Donovan bodies within the tissue.

Other complaints include lower abdominal pains, diarrhea, restlessness, and nocturia. Studies for fungus and bacteria are not diagnostic, and examination of the vulvar vestibule and vagina reveal marked inflammation. Occasionally, an adult female helminth found on the vestibule or perineal areas is brought to the laboratory. More commonly, the pathologist is presented with a cellulose-tape-slide preparation for identification of the typical embryonated eggs of E. vermicularis. 54 Inflammatory Diseases (N oninfectious) Fig.

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