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By Sally M.Lloyd- Bostock

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A match was present but the examiner made the wrong one, or a match was not in reality present but the examiner made one). Stevens et al. ( I968) also found that matching-in-sample tests lead to much higher accuracy than 'open' tests. Prior to the appearance of these results a number of courts in the USA had held spectrographic voice identification evidence to be inadmissible because it was believed that the technique's reliability had not been sufficiently demonstr~ted. Subsequent to the appearance ofTosi's results the technique was deemed admissible by several courts but not without some discussion of the weaknesses of Tosi's study.

Since 'estimator variable' research is of limited application, is it possible that more can be done with those factors labelled 'system variables'? Specifically, can 'system variable' research enable the psychologist to provide unequivocal estimates of inaccuracy in particular cases, and particular aspects of cases, without resorting to extrapolation from known general tendencies to unknown particular instances? Or can he at least point out where practices and procedures could be improved to reduce the possibility of error?

The validity of this technique as a means of identification rests on the assumption that the sound patterns produced in speech are unique to the individual and that the spectrogram accurately and sufficiently displays this uniqueness. Further, a speaker recognition system should focus on those speech characteristics which cannot be modified or disguised by the speaker and which do not vary with health or mood. Kersta ( r g62) was one of the first advocates of spectrographic voice analysis, claiming that voiceprint identification is closely analogous to fingerprint identification and that it is a more reliable method than handwriting comparisons.

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