Arkady Plotnitsky's Reading Bohr Physics and Philosophy PDF

By Arkady Plotnitsky

ISBN-10: 1402052537

ISBN-13: 9781402052538

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ISBN-13: 9781402052545

This publication bargains a brand new point of view on Niels Bohr's interpretation of quantum mechanics as complementarity, and at the relationships among physics and philosophy in Bohr's paintings. the significance of quantum box conception for Bohr's considering has now not been effectively addressed within the literature on Bohr. This ebook presents explanation of Bohr's writings (which often pose difficulties of reading), and an research of the position of quantum box idea in Bohr's thinking.

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Or, even more radically, individually or (which is hardly less troubling) collectively, particles appear somehow to “know” whether both slits are or are not open, or whether there are or are not counting devices installed. Any attempt to picture or conceive of this behavior in terms of physical attributes of quantum objects themselves appears to lead to a logical contradiction; to be incompatible with one aspect of experimental evidence or the other; or entail strange or mysterious behavior; to require more or less difficult assumptions, such as attributing volition or personification to nature in allowing particles individual or collective “choices,” as Bohr points out (PNWB 2, pp.

3). If, however, there are counters or other devices that would allow us to check through which slit particles pass (merely setting up the apparatus in a way that such knowledge would in principle be possible would suffice), the interference pattern inevitably disappears. The fact that even the possibility in principle of knowing through which slit the particles pass would inevitably destroy the interference pattern may be shown to be equivalent to uncertainty relations and may be given a statistical interpretation (PWNB 2, p.

If both slits are open and no arrangements, such as particle counters, are made that would allow us to establish through which slit each particle passes, a “wave-like” interference pattern will emerge on the screen. In principle, this pattern will emerge regardless of the distance between slits or the time interval between the emissions of the particles. The traces of the collisions between the particles and the screen will “arrange” themselves in a pattern even when the next emission occurs after the preceding particle is destroyed after colliding with the screen.

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