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By Jennifer Boothroyd

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" A ball drops to the floor. Leaves fall from a tree. Gravity is at paintings throughout you. yet what precisely is gravity? and the way does it impact various items? learn this ebook to determine! research all approximately topic, strength, and forces within the Exploring actual technology series--part of the Lightning Bolt Books(tm) assortment. With high-energy designs, interesting photographs, and enjoyable textual content, Lightning Bolt Books(tm) convey nonfiction themes to lifestyles! "

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The noise will help you know for sure which ball landed first. So which ball landed first? Or was it a tie? Were the results of your experiment the same as Galileo’s? 29 Glossary astronaut: someone who travels in space center of gravity : a point where an object balances force: a push or a pull gravity: a force that pulls things down toward the surface of Earth mass: the amount of matter in an object matter: what things are made of 30 Further Reading Boothroyd, Jennifer. Give It a Push! : A Look at Forces.

21, 23 (inset right); © Prisma/SuperStock, p. 22; NASA/MSFC, pp. 23 (background), 26; © Dave King/Getty Images, p. 23 (inset left); © Chris Windsor/Taxi/Getty Images, p. 27; © Lew Robertson/StockFood Creative/Getty Images, p. 28 (cookie sheet); © Sam Lund/Independent Picture Service, p. com/Daniel Cooper, p. com/Don Nichols, p. 28 (table); © Photodisc/Getty Images, p. 30; © Chuck Franklin/Alamy, p. 31. Front cover: © David Ball/Alamy 32 This Page Left Blank Intentionally A ball drops to the ground.

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